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    Introduction to the RP



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    Introduction to the RP

    Post by Ayame on Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:15 pm

    Welcome and thank you for deciding to read this message!

    This forum is a Role-playing center for the guild members of Horizon from Mabinogi NA's Alexina server and their friends. To make sure that we do not have any unwanted guests, please register with a username that will leave no doubt as to who you are.

    The Role-play we are doing on this forum is a fusion of Pokemon and Mabinogi. Basically, it's the world of Erinn with Pokemon. Our characters are trainers, and not warriors/magicians/archers/etc.

    Dungeons are caves/forests full of hostile Pokemon.
    Shadow World is a home to Pokemon of the shadows, such as Ghost or Dark-types.
    Churches are replaced by shrines dedicated to legendary Pokemon.
    Mabinogi NPCs are modified to fit the requirements of the RP (For example, Tarlach turns into Ursaring, not a bear).
    Fomors and animals are replaced by Pokemon.
    There are no Gyms, Pokedexes or leagues as of yet.
    The guild Horizon is going to be created as a result of the RP. Its symbol will be Moltres.
    Pokemon can be tamed using the mana within a trainer's body to form an "eternal bond". It can be broken when the trainer or the pokemon don't maintain a partnership relation or if one of-them is killed.
    There are no poke balls or PCs. Pokemon are kept in homesteads, except for 3 pokemon that can be kept with you (they can be summoned at any moment).

    The forum section "Erinn" is where Role-playing happens. Various topics will be made to represent certain places in the world. Feel free to create a new one for an original location or an existing one that hasn't been created yet.
    Here is how the RP works:
    A character can only be in one location at the time, which means you can only use one topic at any given time, until the character leaves the current place and goes to another. A player decides on the actions of their character. Pokemon and neutral NPCs will be done by moderators, as well as the "godly" stuff (weather, battle results etc). You cannot post twice in a row, you can only post again in a certain topic after another player or a moderator has responded.

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