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    Rules of the RP and forums

    Post by Ayame on Sat Apr 27, 2013 9:30 pm

    1. No Godmodding.
    Players can control the actions of their character, the character's pokemon and NPCs that are closely related to the character (like family members). Everything else is up to other players and moderators.

    2. No Power Playing/auto-hitting.

    3. No Mary Sues/ Gary Stues.
    This means that your character cannot be "the very best", it needs to have weaknesses and bad sides. In other words, you can't be always Ash; sometimes you also have to be Misty/Brock.

    4. Keep the grammar and spelling on the highest level possible for you.
    These forums have an option to "Switch editor mode", which helps for fixing spelling mistakes.

    5. Rated M, but don't include dirty things, if you get to second base we don't want to know the details. Swearing is allowed (if it's being said by the character).

    6. Use common sense, you know if something is obviously against the rules. If you don't, the moderators will inform you.

    7. Do not double post. Either edit your post or wait for a response of another character or moderator.

    8. Be creative and remember that your character is not the only hero of the story.

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